18" CWD SE04 Saddle

18" CWD SE04 Saddle

18" CWD SE04 Saddle

18" CWD SE04 Saddle

18" CWD SE04 Saddle

18" CWD SE04 Saddle

18" CWD SE04 Saddle

US$ 4,900


Distance from Stirrups to bottom of the flap 14.5''

Flaps Front to Back 15'' - Dot to Dot Front 4.5''

Data sheet

Brand : CWD Finishing : Full buffalo
Year : 2015 Colors : Dark brown
Seat size : 18" Flap size : 3A
Model : SE04
Discipline : Cross Country

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Flat cross country single flap saddle which offers a perfect balance between the rider's leg and the horse. The front blocks are integrated into the knee pads. Front and hind block maintain the rider's leg in a correct position. The seat is longer and flat for the rider to be able to change his position. The wide panels are concave to allow a better pressure distribution of the saddle along the horse's back. There are no tears, no loose stitching and no cracking.



Using your saddle for the first time

In order to protect the leather, it is essential to initially oil your saddle. At CWD, we carry out this process before delivering your made-to-measure saddle. No additional treatment is needed, and you can use it as soon as you receive it.

Beware of the risk of staining white clothes, especially during the first few uses.


Using my accessories for the first time

Our accessories are delivered without having been oiled. Apply a large quantity of CWD oil or conditioner evenly and repeat if necessary to obtain the desired suppleness. Use the CWD glove to massage any excess conditioner into the leather. If possible, let the leather absorb the CWD conditioner for 24 hours in a well-ventilated room. Natural leathers will darken before lightening slightly to reach their definitive shade.

Before oiling or greasing your accessories, make sure to try them on your horse first. Accessories which have been greased cannot be returned.


Day-to-day care of my saddle and accessories

The leathers used in saddle making are living materials and must be regularly cared for. Care treatments should be adapted to use and must take the climate and the season into account.

Here are two key steps to ensure your leathers remain comfortable and beautiful.

1. Clean, after each use using a sponge and CWD liquid glycerine soap to keep the leather supple, pleasant and high-performing.

2. Apply CWD conditioner at least twice a month on all the equipment, using the CWD glove. Don’t forget the stitching.


Our expert advice

In summer, after each use, the leather needs to be treated to compensate for and repair the drying out caused by the sun and high temperatures.

In winter, a heated area is needed to combat the ambient humidity, which is damaging to its lifespan and can be a source of mould.

Avoid the following
As far as possible, avoid cleaning your leathers with products which contain solvents which will prematurely discolour the saddle and will dry out the leather fibres.

If your saddle has been in contact with water, dry the leather carefully by placing it in a warm room. Once dry, clean it and apply the CWD conditioner.

Be careful!
Do not grease a saddle which has not been cleaned first: you risk letting the dirt penetrate into the leather, damaging its appearance and shine.


Care instruction for tack with sheepskin

Use a wire brush to get out dried dirt then wash by hand with woolite and air dry.

Shipping & Return



CWD use UPS for deliveries and deliver worlwide. As soon as your parcel is ready to be delivered, you will receive an email from our transporter so that you can follow the delivery.



- Tack

Returns are accepted within 14 days including the date of receipt of the order (see our terms and conditions).

- Pre-owned saddles

Once you receive the saddle, there is a 30 business day trial period to ride & evaluate the saddle. If you wish to return your saddle to us free of charge, please request a prepaid label from our customer services . The saddle will be fully refunded.
Warning: if you return the saddle at your own cost, the return postage will not, under any circumstances, be refunded.

N.B.: The saddle conditioner and the cover must be returned in perfect condition if the saddle is returned within 30 days. If not, the value of each non-returned or damaged article indicated on your order slip will be deducted from your refund.