In March 2017, Laurent Duray became head of the new Réso’Cuir network. The leather sector cluster in Southwest France aims to bring together relevant stakeholders and to create new jobs in addition to the 4,800 already existing in the sector. Let’s explain how.

A promising start.

Already around fifty of the hundred or so companies working in the region are members of this network, which aims to prevent companies from becoming isolated and offers them ways of working together. The challenge is to improve mutual understanding in order to collaborate better and create value. The principle of pooling resources is at the heart of the leather network. The Region has opened a training center for the leather industries at the Lycée in Thiviers, where the headquarters of the Réso’Cuir is based. A hide transformation company was able to take over the tannery and save around twenty jobs.

How does the Réso’Cuir work?

The network is built around three complementary pillars. The Leather and Luxury Hub of Excellence provides training in the leather industries. The Rural Hub of Excellence structures the supply of hides. Finally, the Leather Gateways, mobile professional meetings aimed at raising awareness of the sector with the public. People don’t come to CWD for a job, but for a career. The artisanal form of the saddler’s work, coupled with good working conditions and the creation of beautiful products, is making these careers attractive once again.

The ambitions of the network.

Although there is no hope of re-establishing industries which have been relocated abroad, supporting and developing the industry that remains through innovation is the main objective of the cluster. Whether this means saddles for CWD, ballet shoes for Repetto or moccasins for Weston, the high added value of products made by companies in the luxury leather sector is an asset which has brought a smile back to the region and which justifies CWD’s involvement in the Réso’Cuir.