CWD X Interview with Nayer Nassar

CWD X Interview with Nayer Nassar

Our rider Nayel Nassar had an extraordinary start of the 2019 season with two victories in The Longines Masters of New-York. CWD had the opportunity to ask him the secrets of his success.

- How was your incredible week-end in New York? How did it go?

Pretty amazing (laughs)!! I only had Lucifer there for two classes, I jumped the Speed class and the Grand Prix and somehow managed to win both! So that was a pretty incredible weekend, and I’m not sure I will be able to repeat this exploit, that’s why I’m enjoying it the most I can !

- According to you, what were Lucifer’s assets during this show?

I think he is a very unique horse you know. Being able to win a speed class one day and then to come back a day and a half later and focusing on a big Grand Prix like that it’s quite amazing. I think that just showed how special this horse is, how naturally talented he is, and how he is able to forget about the last round and focus on whatever is coming. I was really proud of him and I don’t think there are many horses in the world which can do what he did that week end! Evergate Stables are the owners of Lucifer and I am very thankful to have them on board, letting me ride that special and gifted horse.

- How do you train your horses on a daily basis?

So, it depends on the horse I ride. Obviously, my two main horses Lordan and Lucifer are pretty experienced. They are thirteen and fifteen years old so they don’t really need to learn very much more, they just need to stay fit and happy. Actually, I do a lot of flat work when I have a break between shows. I usually do a little gymnastic but that never involves big jumps at home, especially with these horses. Lucifer is a little bit special to ride so, I just feel like I am negotiating with him all the time so I try to keep it quite light at home.

- What is your next step ?

We are leaving for Europe this week and I am really excited about that. We are going to be on GCT this summer again. My first stop is Madrid, then Hamburg and then Stockholm, those are my first three shows. And then I may have a few more plans for the end of summer.

- CWD is really proud to have you on board. How would you describe your partnership with us?

It’s been great! CWD was my first sponsor when I started my first Grand prix year so it means a lot to have a partnership that lasted so long. I mean to have people who are always taking care of me and my horses, looking after us, making sure we have everything we need regardless of where we are in the world. It gives me a lot of confidence to know that my saddle and my tack is perfect and that my horses are feeling good. I am currently riding with a 2GS, I really like these saddles. My horses and I feel really comfortable in it and it gives us a lot of flexibility. I honestly wouldn’t change a thing about it!

Photo credit: Scoopdyga