Meeting CWD X Emeric George

Meeting CWD X Emeric George

CWD went to meet Emeric George. High level French professional rider, he is succeeding in the ring but also as a consultant, trainer and coach. Let’s meet with this multi-faceted rider.

- Back to Saint Tropez, you and your incredible Chopin des Hayettes won the Grand Prix. Two weeks later, you grabbed the third place on the small Grand Prix. Do you have a miracle recipe to stay at the top and reach out for even more ambitious goals?

A miracle recipe to reach my level? (laughs) I would say that hard work and quality training are key to success. On a day to day basis, I am trying to have a well-balanced training program for my horses, physically and technically. I do a lot of flat work which allows me not to doubt about a thing when I am entering the ring. The control that I have with my horses gives me confidence to go clear round. On Monday, I always check the horses that came back from the horse show and make sure they are in a good shape. I usually ride the others that stayed home, to prepare the next show.

- What is your favorite horse show?

Mhhh... I would say that the CSIO 5* in Dublin (IRL) is my favorite! The CSIO in La Baule (FRA) is really nice and special too but in Dublin everything is absolutely mythical. The crowd is cheering like you have never seen! This is incredible!

- Do you have a good luck charm?

I don’t really have any good luck charms, I am not superstitious at all! I am just trying to plan all of my shows in advance, the horses’ training. To me, training is the key! Good training means more chance to succeed!

- We know that you are a very busy man, how do you manage your trainings?

I am trying to fit my training in ¾ of a day, so that I can use the other ¼ for my other activities. I have to say that it’s not always as easy at it seems, and sometimes I ride less that I would like. But I always manage to follow what is going one with my horses so that it won’t slow their evolution. I am also trying to manage my schedule with the times that make more sense to ride or do something else.

- CWD is following you for many years, how would you describe your relationship with your sponsor?

First, I would say that this is a relationship based on trust and proximity. I am really lucky to get along with my local representative, he is really listening to both my horses’ needs and mine. It’s also a relationship about future and projects! I wouldn’t change a thing! I was lucky enough to take part of the Ijump project and helped them to build an innovative saddle! To me, my relationship with CWD stands in 3 words: trust, proximity and continuity.

Photo credit: Scoopdyga