Your dream saddle by CWD, now available online

CWD has shaken up the online market for pre-owned goods with its serviced saddles delivered free of charge, together with a 30-day trial period.
Who said new saddles were the only ones that perform well ?

So why the strange O’ tacked onto CWD’s eminently sensible logo? O for opportunity and for online – inscribed with care like the coveted
bargain it represents – a quirky note to encourage those who have not yet dared or are unable to purchase a 2Gs or SE02 outright.
CWD remains dedicated to the performance of riders and their mounts, ‘reviving’ saddles in its workshops every day, proud to give them a
second life. This has been a key aspect of CWD’s commitment to sustainable development from the outset. It also provides an opportunity for very young riders or those not yet working to take advantage of an outstanding saddle.

Online bargains and amazing conditions
The CWD CPO’ website makes ordering your saddle online easy thanks to its straightforward instructions and useful size guide. It goes
without saying that the site uses a secure payment method. As for advice, just call us and we’ll help you with your choice. The lucky buyer
then has a month to try the saddle at no additional cost, not even for delivery or return. Last but not least, a free saddle cover and
maintenance kit is sent with each saddle, because a pre-owned saddle also deserves the best.

A wide selection and smart choice
Dozens of saddles are to be found on CWD CPO’, including the very latest models, and you can create an alert in order not to miss out on
anything. With the festive season upon us, and good resolutions just around the corner, this pre-owned saddle service is bound to appeal to
many riders.