Kevin Staut on the iJump Lights, camera, action! REC

Kevin Staut on the iJump Lights, camera, action! REC

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Despite torrential rainfall and recovering from the Easter weekend chocolate splurge, the entire iJump team showed up on time at the Haras de la Forge, stronghold of both Kevin Staut and the JumpFive Stable. At 9 a.m., CWD’s all-female team arrived with the equipment. Ever the gentleman, Kevin Staut came to assist them with carrying the jumps. It’s good to see there’s still some thoughfulness at the top !


The film crew dispatched by Grand Prix arrived soon after to get its bearings once the training course had been installed. The filming took place in the main arena surrounded by an exercise track, opposite the stables, with a superb green forest as backdrop. 

Back in the stables, the iJump was carefully placed on the saddle stand opposite Silver II de Virton * HDC. This magnificent, expressive chestnut stallion, with its shining
coat, displayed majestic patience and calm throughout the afternoon. Kevin and his mount familiarized themselves with the filming schedule. Fortunately, the rain let up, with nothing more than the occasional passing cloud momentarily delaying things. Nothing appeared to disturb
Kevin and Silver: neither the pauses between shots, nor the cameras or boom made any difference to their performance. There were no faults when jumping; nothing had to be redone. Real pros, the pair of them! 

When the filming was over, it was decided to position the poles on the ground to focus on the horse’s regularity of stride. It was then that Kevin revealed that he was “useless at going over poles on the ground”, explaining that all that was needed was to raise them a little off the ground in order for him to be able to jump them correctly! Not surprisingly, he nonetheless managed the exercise perfectly, even after jumping 1.40m hurdles just beforehand. 

Laurent Duray, CEO of CWD, took advantage of these few jumps to film Kevin with the iJump app in order to observe the data supplied by the saddle. The iJump was then placed on the back of the second horse – a magnificent grey mare, Unna de Kerglenn * HDC – for the last scene.
The filming ended with a sound bite of a horse walking and trotting. It was Silver II who obliged during the post-training stretching session. While the jumps and equipment were being packed away, Kevin was already back on a horse and planning his forthcoming weekend’s competition. 

The sound engineer wanted to record a “horse’s breath” to have as a background noise. No sooner said than done, as Silver obligingly breathed into the microphone ! What a performer!

All our thanks to Kevin Staut and his professional and considerate team.

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