Semi-deep seat mono-flap saddle


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US$ 6,990
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The semi-deep monoflap Cross country saddle provides an optimum close contact feeling, excellent comfort, and correctly aligns the rider's pelvis while limiting shifts in the rider’s center of gravity. This saddle is ideal for eventing.


Customization available.


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For the rider, the SE09 saddle provides a feeling of permanent contact with the horse which ensures more precise actions. Contact is unrivaled thanks to the single-flap and a lower cut of the saddle flap around the stirrup bars (only one layer of leather under the skirt). Front and back blocks ensure correct leg position.

For the horse, the wide panels are concave and integrated for better distribution of the saddle’s pressure along the horse's back. The saddle opening around the shoulders frees the horse's movements.


  • Close contact
  • Frees up the horse's shoulders
  • Wide pommel supports the abductors