CWD gets a new look...

CWD has grown, changed and will keep on changing every day. The mastery of the value chain from A to Z, the precision and agility required of our teams at all times to satisfy our customers, are part of our identity.

It is this evolution that we wanted to translate into the graphic redesign of our logo. A logo that would be like a hyphen, so as not to deny anything of the past while always moving forward.

1. DNA

A fusional logo.
A lighter logo to symbolize agility.
A more precise logo to symbolize requirement and precision.
Caring for the horse, obsessing about its health and well-being is just as important as sporting requirements and results. 
The commitment of our products around the comfort of the horse is total.
THE RESULT: An expanded promise. CWD takes part in the sporting performance of the rider while respecting the physical integrity of the horse.


We care : Notion of care, of good will at every moment.
You ride : Notion of sport, pleasure, freedom, essential. 
Taking care of our products in the respect of the sport horse. Being attentive to the smallest detail in a permanent concern for excellence and comfort. Taking care of amateur riders as well as the best riders in the world. Watching over our investments to make innovation our driving force. Having at heart permanently the well-being of your horse and your satisfaction. We care. You ride.


A change of logo is an important turning point in the life of a brand, so this change must be understood and applied in all areas.