Our custom-made saddles

Jumping Saddles

Dynamick® Saddles

Our Dynamick Range is made up of two jumping saddle models: the 2GS and the 2GS Mademoiselle.

Equipped with a Dynamick® tree, a real carbon Kevlar backbone, all in a non-structural component. The structure of the fibers that make up the tree varies according to its different parts. This allows the tree to have rigid parts, such as the arch, avoiding pressure around the withers area, as well as more flexible parts in order to follow the horse’s movements.
Each element of its assembly (bars, seat, etc.) is integrated directly into the tree, reducing thickness and offering better distribution of pressure on the horse’s back.
Thanks to its composition, this tree makes it possible to follow the movements of the horse’s back. The tree’s opening offers better distribution of pressure on the horse’s back, freeing the horse during jumps.
This focus on innovation offers optimal close contact thanks to the shape of the tree, while also avoiding excess thickness due to the direct integration of the saddle parts into the tree.

Classic Saddles

Our Classic range has been fully revolutionized: in everything from its design to its tree and its assembly.
Our Classic saddles are composed of a new wooden-frame tree, a polypropylene seat, and composite bars for a lighter feel than that of a traditional wood and metal tree.
The integration of memory foam offers riders comfort and good pelvic orientation. The panels are attached via screws integrated into the panels themselves, improving the saddle’s fit on the horse’s back and eliminating pressure points. Also, the arch is made of polypropylene.
Its seat, directly integrated into the tree, offers optimal close contact.

Cross-country / Monoflap Saddles

Wherever you go, the cross-country saddle is more than just a partner!
Our cross-country saddles offer a permanent feeling of contact with the horse and allow the rider to carry out precise movements. The thigh blocks at the front and back make sure that the legs stay in place. The innovative rigging above the flaps provides better support for the panels. Finally, they guarantee you unmatched contact thanks to the mono-flap design and a lower cut of the part below the stirrup bar, allowing for the presence of a single layer under the small flap. A feeling of contact for the most precise movements!