Dynamick® saddles

The CWD R&D team have worked flat out on the new Dynamick® range.

They spent a year redesigning it and making it more highly performing, drawing on the strengths of the 2Gs® and the Mademoiselle. It now features closer contact and greater comfort for the rider and the horse. A more streamline and aesthetically-pleasing line for the entire range.

Classic saddles

Solid value at the top of the range, the Classic range continues to appeal to world-class riders.

The mythical SE02 Hunter Jumper and the SE03 Close Contact have proven themselves more than once. The classic wooden saddle tree and the reduced thickness lends this range unrivalled precision and comfort.

Hunter saddles

The Hunter range for excellence and elegance.

The legendary hunter saddles offer a unique style, combining performance and sobriety. Get closer contact and more comfort for you and your horse.