Pure vegetal-tanned leather saddles: Respectful by nature.

Dordogne Leather

These saddles are a real technological challenge, made entirely of pure vegetal leather, and represent a revolution within the saddlery world.

This recent process, which uses natural, biodegradable tannins such as mimosa and chestnut, has resulted in one of the most environmentally-friendly leathers on the market. The combination of a natural tanning process and a physical rather than chemical way of working the leather make it more resistant, suitable for top level sport and intense use. The result is twice as resistant to UV rays as chrome-tanned leather. Vegetal leather is usually firm and hard, but this novel recipe adds flexibility and maneuverability, which are the trademarks of our saddles.

CWD’s pure vegetal leather saddles therefore have a new, more natural appeal that embellishes the leather over time as it develops a patina. The skilful leatherwork and assembly technique provide the rider with unprecedented comfort. Pure vegetal leather is non-allergenic and harmless for both horse and rider.

Key points

  • Leather that lasts twice as long
  • A technological breakthrough, abandoning the use of chrome
  • The use of vegetal tannins including quebrache, mimosa and chestnut
  • Biodegradable, ecological leathers
  • Unequalled resistance of the leather in extreme, full-on conditions
  • Embellishment of the leather as it develops a patina over time
  • Twice as resistant to UV rays as chrome-tanned leather

Performance and aesthetics

  • An innovative formula providing flexibility and maneuverability
  • A new, more natural appeal
  • Leather-working and assemblage at the service of the rider’s comfort
  • Non-allergenic: total harmless for the horse and rider

Good to know

  • Vegetal leathers are usually firm and hard, and mainly used for the flaps of a saddle.
  • Chrome-tanned leathers tend to be flexible and elastic, and are used for the seat and pads.
  • Chrome is a heavy metal, harmful for the environment, and takes decades to break down. It can also provoke allergies.
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