CWD. Sustainably efficient.

IconCWD promotes animal welfare by working with around 40 farmers at 24 farms in Dordogne. This involves promoting the production of very highquality leathers and hides, while meeting the challenges of regional development through the Rural Hubs of excellence - leather sector in Périgord.

IconBoth our hard and soft leathers are tanned using 100% vegetable tannins. We have chosen to ban the use of heavy metals such as chromium. three years of R&D and two million euros of investment were needed to meet this challenge. among other things, this superior quality leather (in terms of its solidity, stability, absorption of humidity, and hypoallergenic features) acquires a wonderful patina over time.

IconWe handle the entire production process of our saddles, from producing the saddle tree through to final assembly. Everything is carried out 100% in our own production workshops.

IconCWD has been awarded the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant ” label in recognition of its exceptionally skilled craftsmanship. Every year, we open the doors of our production workshops for the “Journées des savoir-faire d’excellence”. This is an opportunity to meet our master saddle makers.

IconOur products are hand-made with passion and attention to detail. Trained in the very heart of our workshops, our saddle makers are taught by more experienced colleagues to perfect the six main areas of artisan saddle making: cutting, preparing, assembling, mounting, machine stitching and hand stitching. This expertise is permanently evolving, integrating new technologies to create an exceptional, unrivalled and remarkable hand-crafted product.

IconOur mastery of the value chain, from the integrated tannery to the distribution of our products, means we are constantly striving to improve and develop our organisation. We are lucky to be able to work closely with one of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de france within our liM institute training school. Our technical advisors come from the world of riding and undergo three weeks of training to be able to guide riders and their horses towards the most suitable equipment.

IconThe format and volume of our packaging is optimised to ensure it is as manageable as possible. Exports now represent 60% of our sales and remain key to our business.

IconOur packaging is also environmentally designed and is 100% recyclable, with very little loss of material during production. It can be reused to package your saddle for return or repair.

IconCWD products are designed to last. from design through to manufacture, everything is studied in detail to bring comfort, technical prowess and a esthetics to the rider and horse, with a constant view to preserving our environment.

IconOur saddles are accompanied by regular servicing to preserve the beauty and suppleness of our full-grain leathers. this living material requires the greatest of care. Cleaning and greasing are recommended if you want to enjoy your saddle for years to come and to give the leather a patina which will develop over time.

IconWhen required, the different parts of your saddle are examined to ensure they are as good as new. Our team of artisan saddle makers is available to adjust your equipment and carry our repairs in our own workshops. We also strive to ensure your used saddles can be repaired to give them another lease of life! We promote resale through our integrated commercial network and our website, where our technical experts will help you find that rare jewel that fits your budget and your discipline.