2Gs Mademoiselle®

US$ 8,380
*Excluding additional options.


This saddle has been specifically designed for women’s morphology. Its wide seat and the use of foam in front of the saddle at ischial level allow women to free-up their pelvis.

2GS Mademoiselle saddle available in the following versions:

Flat seat saddle: offers greater freedom of movement making it easier for the rider to remain balanced.

Semi-hollow seat saddle: makes it easier for the rider to engage their pelvis and reduce changes in their position.

Women riders need to tilt their pelvis forward more than men to keep their spine straight, which shifts their center of gravity. So they sit more forward on their pubic bone which is in contact with the saddle. If the saddle used is not padded in this area, women riders have to compensate by stooping to find their balance further back on the saddle.

The 2Gs Mademoiselle saddle is suitable for all riders thanks to its slimline frame. That's why both men and women riders appreciate the extra comfort of this saddle.